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Anti-Static Tinsel Specifications

TAKK anti-static tinsel is composed of ultra conductive 100% copper strands, and it eliminates static through the “self-energizing” or inductive principle.

TAKK Antistatic Tinsel is made of ultra conductive 100% copper strands.

No external power source required.

The anti-static tinsel strands are flexible and soft to prevent scratching or other damage to products.

The core is made of multiple copper wires (not string) to ensure positive grounding and strength. The fine, sharply pointed copper strands provide greater static elimination. The conductive strands are interspersed to maximize effectiveness, but are not so dense as to make it easy to collect dust and dirt particles.

TAKK anti-static tinsel resists breakage, matting and shedding. The anti-static tinsel's outside diameter is 1.25” (32mm), with a standard maximum length of 36 ft (12 meters).

TAKK anti-static tinsel is packaged in standard boxes of 72 feet (23.6 meters), consisting of two 36-foot coils and cases of 12 boxes, for a total of 864 feet (283 meters).


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